Jorn Werdelin: Within the final 5 years, whilst creating The Reef, LINDE WERDELIN has established itself because the only business boasting the widest understanding and know-how in manufacturing top quality dive instruments rolex lady datejust watches rolex lady datejust watches . replica rolexes replica rolexes Definitely like no other watch manufacturer retains. This ability and encounter has been applied, each in its style and structure, in to the new Oktopus II, LINDE WERDELIN's newest timepiece that will be proudly launched at BaselWorld 2012.

The Oktopus II timepieces, together with the Reef, LINDE WERDELIN's extremely technical and crafted diving instrument, represent the ultimate diving tool to get a diver whether or not becoming for expert or leisurely application.The revamped Oktopus II, attributes a robust structure and an revolutionary answer to its body-case. This newly developed case is formed by five separate titanium units which assembled with each other guarantee absolute water resistance and advanced diving overall performance.Haute Residing cheap fake watches cheap fake watches : What watch do you put on every day?Jorn Werdelin: I'm proud of all our LINDE WERDELIN models. Lately I've been shifting in between a light SpidoLite II Titanium Anthracite and also the chronograph launched final year SpidoSpeed in Rose Gold titanium.Haute Residing: If cash was not a concern, which Linde Werdelin would you suggest to a consumer?Jorn Werdelin: 1 from the models type the most recent Oktopus II collection . A stunning style for daily use.Haute Residing: 

For motion, what watch do you generate that you're most proud of?Jorn Werdelin: We chose a particular motion manufacturer for every watch we built, www.tubewatches.com based on its particular characteristics. For the Oktopus II we wanted a large date so we opted for Dubois Depraz, specialized in calendar motion dates.For SpidoSpeed and SpidoLite II with see via back case we opted to get a LW bespoke produced motion by Concepto manufacturer, perfect for that skeletonised dial structure.

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